Woman pregnant for 17 months

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Weird but true. Usually pregnant ladies will conceive an offspring when the mature age of 9 months, yet not for a lady who originated from Hunan, China is confronted with an exceptional circumstance when gestational age was 17 months old and still not yet delivered. 

Obviously Wang Xi, the child she should give birth on 15 November last year, yet to be delivered after the specialist himself affirmed the time for her to give birth. Once her due date passed, she started to get a little worried. Since then, she's made a trip to the hospital for a check-up about every week or so. That has now added up to 30 trips to the hospital.

Wang Xi had requested doctors to perform cesarean segment at 14th month, however specialists rejected the solicitation and illuminate the child is still immature."My spouse has lost his temper and specialists requesting that we remain calm because the infant is healthy and safe said Wang Xi. The longest pregnancy ever recorded in the world is for 375 days and at this point, Wang's would be at least 517 days.