Worth of an Olympic Gold Medal

English World News

Olympic is the most prestigious sports in the world, and it's been participated by athletes from all around the world including Malaysia. Winning a gold medal is the kind of achievement athletes can only ever dream of. But did anybody know what's behind the Olympic gold medal?  What is the worth of an Olympic gold medal? The gold value in every Olympic gold medal is worth of RM 2340.00, but it is much more valuable for athletes because it means the glory and pride for their beloved country.

Each gold medal weighted 500 gram which actually contain more than 95 percent of recycled silver, and only 1.2 percent of the coating are gold. According to the director of Brazil's National Mint in Rio de Janeiro, Victor Hugo Berbert, The medal is a great honor and responsibility. However, each of the Olympic and Paralympic gold medal takes about 48 hours to produce. 100% pure gold medal was used at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.