New Species of Octopus found

English World News

Biologists from the United States of America (USA) have discovered a new species of octopus much more than a cute cartoon characters. A Robot survey named E / V Nautilus, which is owned by a group of USA biologists have managed to detect an octopus type 'Stubby' criteria that have protruding eyes and purple colored skin.

Science Alert has stated that biologists discovered the squid species as a rare found and it was from a family of squid "Rossia Pacifia". The species is also known as 'Dumpling Squid'. The friendly-looking Rossia pacifica — or “stubby squid” resembles both an octopus and a squid, but is in fact more closely related to cuttlefish. The octopus also spent time with a foothold in the deep sea and will embed itself in the sand. These type of animal species can also be found on the seabed in the Southern California and Japan, it can live as deep as 1,300 meters in the sea.