Polish Olympian Piotr Malachowski selling medal to help boy with cancer

English World News

Rio Olympic Silver medalist winner, Piotr Malachowski of Poland put his medal in auction to help a cancer suffering child. All the money from the auction will be used to cover the expenses for the treatment of the child, Olek Szymanski who is suffering from a retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer. 

Goshia ,the mother of Olek, requested help from me to save her child which pretty much to enter the age of two. In Poland there is no suitable treatment to save Olek, the boy needs to travel to New York to receive a treatment that can possibly save his eyes. I chose to help Olek and offer by using my Olympic medal for Olek's treatment," he said through an announcement on Facebook, on Friday. 

Piotr won the silver medal in discus throwing. "In Rio I battle for the gold. Today, I speak to all to something more important, to save this incredible kid' wellbeing, "he said. The 33-year-old competitor additionally asked the public to give and help Olek in any capacity they can. The auction will last until Friday.

Siepomaga, a Polish foundation supporting Szymanski, says that $126,000 is needed to finance the treatment.