Rio Olympic Silver medalist winner, Piotr Malachowski of Poland put his medal in auction to help a cancer suffering child. All the money from the auction will be used to cover the expenses for the treatment of the child, Olek Szymanski who is suffering from a retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer. 

Goshia ,the mother of Olek, requested help from me to save her child which pretty much to enter the age of two. In Poland there is no suitable treatment to save Olek, the boy needs to travel to New York to receive a treatment that can possibly save his eyes. I chose to help Olek and offer by using my Olympic medal for Olek's treatment," he said through an announcement on Facebook, on Friday. 

Piotr won the silver medal in discus throwing. "In Rio I battle for the gold. Today, I speak to all to something more important, to save this incredible kid' wellbeing, "he said. The 33-year-old competitor additionally asked the public to give and help Olek in any capacity they can. The auction will last until Friday.

Siepomaga, a Polish foundation supporting Szymanski, says that $126,000 is needed to finance the treatment.

Biologists from the United States of America (USA) have discovered a new species of octopus much more than a cute cartoon characters. A Robot survey named E / V Nautilus, which is owned by a group of USA biologists have managed to detect an octopus type 'Stubby' criteria that have protruding eyes and purple colored skin.

Science Alert has stated that biologists discovered the squid species as a rare found and it was from a family of squid "Rossia Pacifia". The species is also known as 'Dumpling Squid'. The friendly-looking Rossia pacifica — or “stubby squid” resembles both an octopus and a squid, but is in fact more closely related to cuttlefish. The octopus also spent time with a foothold in the deep sea and will embed itself in the sand. These type of animal species can also be found on the seabed in the Southern California and Japan, it can live as deep as 1,300 meters in the sea.

Olympic is the most prestigious sports in the world, and it's been participated by athletes from all around the world including Malaysia. Winning a gold medal is the kind of achievement athletes can only ever dream of. But did anybody know what's behind the Olympic gold medal?  What is the worth of an Olympic gold medal? The gold value in every Olympic gold medal is worth of RM 2340.00, but it is much more valuable for athletes because it means the glory and pride for their beloved country.

Each gold medal weighted 500 gram which actually contain more than 95 percent of recycled silver, and only 1.2 percent of the coating are gold. According to the director of Brazil's National Mint in Rio de Janeiro, Victor Hugo Berbert, The medal is a great honor and responsibility. However, each of the Olympic and Paralympic gold medal takes about 48 hours to produce. 100% pure gold medal was used at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

The anticipated first look poster of Karthi's "Kaashmora" has been released overnight and it has just dazed everybody. The poster shows Karthi in a never before seen avatar - bearded and bald! And that's just one of his looks in the film. 

Official sources confirms the film is directed by Gokul of 'Idharkuthaney Aasaipattai Balakumara' fame will be set in two distinctive eras. One will be the current era and the other will be a particular time period when the kingship rule in practice. The producers affirm that the film will have horror, action, comedy and period flavor.

An intriguing goody looks of Karthi's character in the period bit will have negative shades. If this is true, it will be the first occasion we are going to see the actor performing like a baddie. His look in first look suggests that he is an extreme and savage warrior. "Kaashmora" stars Nayanthara and Sridivya as female leads. Vivekh plays an imperative character for this film, Santosh Narayanan who set Tamil Nadu ablaze with his music in “Kabali” is the music composer . The film has been delivered by S.R. Prakash Babu and S.R. Prabhu under the Dream Warrior Pictures banner.

The film has been made on a huge budget and it has been scheduled for grand Deepavali release. The first look poster affirms that the film's distribution rights have been gained by Sri Thenandal Films.

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